Kadogo Economy-Adapting to Covid-19

Covid-19 is creating great uncertainty for all of us. We have been pushed to sit back and re-evaluate what matters most to us. Most if not all of us are learning to draw a clear line between what we want and what we really need. Top of our needs is good health, and right now respiratory health which is damaged by poor cooking fuels used in our homes.

The common mwananchi, having little purchasing power and savings, has adapted to the ‘kadogo’ economy where we purchase small amounts of products that meet our daily needs.

This includes settling for cooking fuels, like charcoal and wood, that have negative effects on our respiratory health just because we can buy on a daily basis.

Our service allows you to pay for as little gas as you need using M-pesa and provide your loved ones with clean cooking gas for better respiratory health.

During this pandemic, we M-Gas, continue with our operations in Nairobi while observing the control measures put in place by WHO and our government.

Stay safe